Stateburg Plantation

Raised this building on a plantation in Stateburg so the rock piers can be rebuilt level. This building was built around 1820 and still looks great! Saving history for the next generation!

19th Century Cabin

Saving history one house at a time! This cabin was moved in November 2015.

Historic Homes in Summerville

These homes were moved in September 2015. Check out our feature in the Summerville Journal Scene!

Rembert Church

This church, built in 1835, was raised in order to receive a new foundation.

"One of the earliest Methodist congregations in South Carolina was located in the community around Rembert Church, with a Methodist Society meeting as early as 1785. In its early days it was frequently visited by Francis Asbury, the first Bishop of the Methodist Church of the United States. It was also important for the campmeetings that were held nearby, starting in 1802 and 1803. The cemetery here was established in 1800 and the present meeting house style church was erected ca. 1835. Structurally a plain rectangular building with clapboard siding, such design affords only the essentials needed for worship. It sits on brick piers and has a gabled, metal roof. The windows are 20/20 with two smaller windows above the main ones on the front façade. The Rembert Church building served the rural Methodist congregation (with an 1850s enrollment of some 80 whites and 500 slaves) for over a century. This structure remains as an example of the small church so important to nearly every aspect of life in the rural south during the growth and development of South Carolina. Listed in the National Register February 25, 1975." -South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Calhoun County Museum

This house, built in the mid-1800s, was relocated to the Calhoun County Museum in St. Matthews.

200 Year Old Home

This home is located in Kershaw and was lifted in order to receive a new foundation in 2010. Hear from the homeowner on our Testimonials page.

Historic Camden

We have moved several homes for Historic Camden. Don’t miss the photos of the 207-year old log cabin: Built in 1812, moved in 2019, and preserved for generations to come!

1850s Tobacco Barn

This century and a half old tobacco barn was taken apart and moved to a new location for the Historical Society of Lake City.

Historic Bonds Conway House

Click here to see photos, video, and news articles about this big move!

Lancaster Home

This home was built in the early 1900s, remodeled in the 1980s, and moved in 2007.

Historic School in Orangeburg

This African American school, built in the 1800s, was raised to receive a new foundation.

Structure from Early 1900s

This Florence structure was built in the early 1900s and was relocated. Antique architecture on the move!

Old Kershaw Library

This old library, built in 1900, was relocated.

1940s Post Office

This old post office building was built in the early 1940s.  It needed to be moved a couple of hundred yards while preserving it's structural integrity. The old post office was laterused as a doctor's office.  It has been moved with "surgical" precision to it's new location. Here's what the building's owner had to say...

What a pleasure it was to have AABC move the old office building that is on my property here in Horatio, S.C. I was totally impressed with the job you and your crew did in moving the old building a couple hundred yards with out having any mishaps either with the building or it's contents. I was amazed, to say the least, not only with a job well done but the professionalism displayed by each of you! I will recommend AABC to anyone that I know without reservation. 

The history on the building I have patched together through conversations with several of my elderly neighbors is as follows: 

The date the building was actually built is unknown but best estimates are early 1940. The building was originally the Post Office in Horatio as evidenced by the bars on the windows and was built by my  grandfather W.M. LeNoir who was the postmaster in Horatio. After the Post Office was incorporated into LeNoirs store the building was possibly used as adoctors office for a Dr. Schriber from the Charlotte-Thompson community who came to Horatio two to three times a week to see patients. Sometime around 1970 the building was to be torn down and instead my father moved it to our property and a caretaker moved into it. The house has been vacant since around 1986.

Bennettsville Homes: 1790s

Three structures were moved here. Two of them were the John McColl House, c. 1810, and the Alexander McRae House, c. 1790.

The Old Railroad Depot

The Old Railroad Depot in Sumter was moved from it's original location about 50 years ago to this location. We were hired to move it back close to its original location, just outside of Sumter.