Our Services

AABC House Moving specializes in moving houses, as well as raising houses in order to receive foundation repair, remodeling, or the addition of a basement. Our customers have even called us to relocate structures that have been knocked off of their foundations due to flooding, hurricanes, or motor vehicle collisions! 

If you can name it, we can move it-- and likely already have! We have relocated brick houses, wood frame houses, modular homes, double-wide mobile homes (in one piece), metal buildings, portable classrooms, log homes, church buildings, barns, large tanks, and even a train caboose. When you hire AABC House Moving, you are hiring a team with decades of experience across a wide variety of projects, so you can have confidence that your home or structure is in good hands. 

We pride ourselves in moving historical structures and playing a key part in keeping history alive. For an example of our expert handling of a historical structure, check out media coverage of our move of the Bonds Conway House!

A Client's house in Transit in 1980

A Client's house in Transit in 1980


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a house moved?

Moves are charged by the size of the house, the distance the house is to be moved, and the degree of difficulty.

What do I need to do to get an estimate on the cost?

First, measure the house in feet and inches (width by length). We will need to know the approximate distance the house will be moved. With this information, we can give you an estimate. If you decide to proceed with the move, we will schedule to meet with you on the site and ride the route to the new location.

There is a $100 charge for giving an on-site estimate. However, this $100 will be taken off the total price once you actually move the house.

What is included in the price of a move?

We will prepare the house for the move, transport it to the new site and leave it on our steel and cribbing while a new foundation is prepared. Foundations are not included; however, we can recommend several foundation contractors that do excellent work. No reconnection of utilities or repair is included.  

What damage can be expected during the move?

Minor sheetrock or plaster cracking may occur. Moving a wide structure on narrow roads can also cause minor damage to the outside of the house.

 Who disconnects the utilities?

Your local provider will remove the meter and disconnect the service. We will remove only those wires and pipes that are necessary in order to place our steel beams under the house.

 Can a two-story house be moved?

The first thing to consider when moving a two-story house on the road is the utility lines. All local utility companies must be notified by the owner of the structure being moved, and if any lines must be raised, any fees incurred are the responsibility of the homeowner. In some cases, it is more feasible to have a contractor remove the top of the house and replace it once it is moved to the new location.

 How many miles can a house be moved?

This depends on the width, length and height of the house.

 What permits are required?

Every county has different requirements but most counties require a local moving permit and building permit to be obtained by the homeowner. AABC House Moving, LLC will be responsible for state permits through the SCDOT.