“Restoring a part of our family's history.”

I am in the process of remodeling a house that my Great Grandfather lived in. My Grandfather also lived in it as well as my father.It should be approximately 200 years old. There are wooden pegs that are in the framing to help hold it together. The sills were cut dove tailed and about a foot square. The back of the house had leaked for so long, it had to be torn down. The foundation was made with rocks and large blocks of wood. Over the last 100 years the foundation has given way and now AABC House Moving raised it to have a new foundation put under it. Thanks to Billy and his crew for their support for my house it will be remodeled better than it was. I know I will be at least the fourth generation to live in the house.I plan to leave the house to my children to be kept in the family name.

Update: I have almost finished my Grand Dad's house. Thanks to you and your Company for raising the house for the new foundation. It doesn't look just like the old pictures I sent before but there are some improvements. The house has been in the same place in Kershaw, S.C. all the time. Thanks again for all your help and support in restoring a part of our family history.

— Kenneth

“Far above and beyond!!!”

We wanted to tell you and Haney and your Dad how amazing the entire experience with AABC House Movers was!! I'm sure you can imagine the stress that goes with such an undertaking, but we worried for nothing. 

From the very first contact with you it was smooth sailing. We never had trouble reaching you, you came out exactly when you said you would, and you are true to your word! I wish every business we've had dealings with in SC had your work ethic. 

Each and every one of you were careful with and respectful of our property and were so friendly and easy to work with. The professional manner with which you undertook this task went far above and beyond the norm!!!! The move of our 22x24 garage was completed with no damage to the structure or the surrounding trees, decking or lot and we can never thank you enough. We also couldn't believe how quickly you had the job done. We hope we never have to move another garage or house, but if we do, or if we hear of anyone else that does, we will certainly give them your name! The garage is safe and secure in it's new home!! 

Thanks for an outstanding job!! 

— Mike and Jan

“Experts in their industry.”

Thank you for coming by and providing information I need. One simply doesn't know what his options are unless he discusses with experts in their industry. Thank you again.  

— Claude Prevost

“Kind spirit, friendly attitude, and hard work ethic.”

I would like to let you know we moved into our house in July. It was a very exciting project and one I am glad we were able to do. We have no regrets.  When we look at the pictures or tell friends and family how you sawed our house into two sections, it still seems pretty amazing. God's hand and His blessings were so apparent throughout the entire move. I am so glad our paths crossed.  I have to wonder if we had not met, if I would have had the confidence needed to go forward.  

I don't know how our move could have gone any smoother. It seems like everything just fell into place. My wife & I were impressed how each time we called, we were able to reach you. Each time you explained what should happen or how long something might take, your estimates were correct. You set realistic expectations and always exceeded them. You told us you would be here at 7:30 and you arrived at 7:20. You told us you would move one part on Tuesday and the other part on Wednesday, and you did.    

We were so impressed with each person of your company, their kind spirit, friendly attitude and hard work ethic. Moving a house seems like hard work but each person seemed to really enjoy their work.

I don't know if we will ever need to move another house, but, if we ever do I hope we can hire you!

— J & K Case

“Great job!”

Great job-- very professionally done!

— Scott

“Outstanding job moving a historic house!”

Billy and his crew did an outstanding job moving a historic house for me! Every detail went according to plan and right on schedule. They made the move look effortless. They truly are experts at what they do. Billy, you are by far the most helpful and professional contractor I have ever worked with! 

— Christine Czarnik


“Knowledge, experience, and provision.”

It was such a privilege to have your expert team move the cottage. Knowledge, experience, and precision--that is what you brought when you drove your equipment onto our land. We couldn't get over the skill and team work shown as you prepared the building to be moved, raised it up on the steel beams, attached the dolly to the beams, and connected the beams to the truck. 

And then . . . the driving up the hill between two structures . . . an instant response when the building had to be tilted at just a slight angel to ease past the other two roofs. There was not a lot of space to turn the truck and maneuver the cottage to just the right location over the footers, but it seemed effortless for you to do. 

Only two small cracks above a bedroom window with all that uprooting and repositioning of the cottage--speaks well for your team!

When we thought about moving the cottage, we weren't sure it could be done--now it sits on the upper field undergoing a wonderful transformation, as the foundation is completed and the small addition is begun. Within a couple of months we will be living there. 

Thank you for making this possible.

— Dan and Noel

“Smooth 18 mile move.”

Can't tell you how pleased I have been with your company since the first call I made to inquire about moving the house in Newberry. Not only are you professional and experts at your job, you all felt like friends during the entire process. All I had to do was sit back and watch the smooth 18 mile move! I cannot thank you enough for the quality work. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone! 

— Susan

“A huge success.”

Although its been a little over a month since the house moving ceremony, I still feel such pride in our citizens for coming together like we did on February 24th to celebrate history and to give an old house a new beginning. You and the entire AABC crew made the move of the Bonds Conway-built house a huge success. I am grateful that such dedicated professionals as AABC House Movers are involved in this project that, when complete, will live on as an example of our rich heritage. Thank you for your significant contribution to this worthwhile endeavor. You have made a great gift to our community.

— Laurie Slade Funderburk

“Handled with great care.”

Historical Kitchen, built mid-1800s

Historical Kitchen, built mid-1800s

I want to tell you how pleased I was to work with you and your company in the move of my summer kitchen from one part of my lot to another. As you know, the small structure is delicate, but it is  precious to us because of its age and history. We wanted this move handled with great care. I very much appreciated your quick response to our call as well as the information you provided at the initial visit. We also appreciated that you set a schedule and adhered to it--you guys were out early and working hard. Many, many thanks.

— K. L.

“Prompt response and dependability make it easy!”

In December 2001, I had AABC House Moving move my great, great, great grandfather's farm house from outside Clio, SC, twenty-two miles away to my family's farm outside of Bennettsville, SC.  This move involved two buildings, a single story kitchen house and a two story farm house which dated from the early 1800's.  Due to the power lines over the routes, a decision was made to remove the roof and part of the second story of the farmhouse.   

Prior to the move Billy and his partner Haney met with the local electrical and cable officials to ride the route along with me to determine which route would be best for this move and at what height restrictions we would be facing.  The first building to be moved was the single story kitchen house followed at a later date, the two story farmhouse.  On the day of the move, the crew arrived promptly and worked quickly to ensure that the move would go as scheduled.  Once the building was moved, they worked with me to determine that the placement of the building was correct.  They were willing to adjust the placement of the building if needed.  

Due to the satisfaction that I had with their work, I called upon them again in January 2005 to move another historic house for me.  The Alexander McRae house, dated 1790, was also successfully moved twenty-two miles to Appin Farm.  I hope to save one more historic house in the county from ruin and will call on AABC Movers to assist me when that time comes.  Their prompt response and dependability make it easy to move historic houses!  

— C. R.

“Extremely impressed.”

I wanted to take the time this morning to thank you so very much for all of your hard work yesterday getting the home moved to her new location. I as well as my brother and husband and all the on watchers were extremely impressed by how well you all worked together as a team. We hope that if you happen to be in the area over the next months that you stop by and take a look at the progress. Because of you all this old girl will survive another 157 years. Have a great weekend.and on behalf of my family Thank you again.

— Suzie Seilenger, Olde Towne Realty